• Residential Cleaning Services
    Residential Cleaning Services

    XKARE uses the company’s exclusive 15-Step Clean Home Deep Cleaning System to clean homes or residences.

    • Cleaner, healthier Homes
    • Eco-friendly Approach
    • Unique dust - capture technology
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  • Corporate Cleaning Services
    Corporate Cleaning Services

    We offer a commercial cleaning service program that will turn your work environments into sparkling clean spaces.

    • State-of-the-art equipment
    • Eco-friendly Approach
    • Special products for cleaning electronic devices
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  • Industrial Cleaning Services
    Industrial Cleaning Services

    XKARE has its own Industrial Cleaning Services Team, offering a wide range of specialised services in the Industrial Cleaning Services domain.

    • Extraordinary emphasis on workplace safety
    • Shut down / turnaround services
    • A Reputation based on Reliability
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  • Handiman Services
    Handiman Services

    XKARE’s Handiman Services Network  operates with your needs and requirements in mind.

    • Skilled, professional and hassle - free
    • One phone call away
    • Repairs, installations and improvements
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Here are some expert tips for you.

Getting rid of Cigarette odor - XKARE

Rid that cigarette smoke odor

Lets face it. A Smoking colleague is a Pest. More so,when he spends half of his “quality time” in your cubicle.More so,when he spends half of his “quality time” in your cubicle. So, how does on get rid of stale smoke odors ?

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