Pet-proofing your Home – 5 effective ways to do it


Pet ownership is a serious responsibility. All the more so because your furry friend and you share the living space, the latter delightfully and voluntarily making your habitat, theirs, in their own way. It is in this ‘adaptation’ process that is tricky. Much of what humans take for granted as equipment and material that need to be handled carefully, be it food, chemicals, furniture or the exterior spaces, it has all the probability of turning into your own pet-hell if not addressed readily. This applies for those who already own pets or those who plan to own one. Here are 5 effective ways to pet-proof your home – when it comes to the two most-popular categories of domestic pets at home – cats & dogs.

1.Furniture & Decor

If you have been one of those who have had a pet all along, you would know this – it is always shedding time. More the fur, more the volume on the carpets and rugs. There are two ways to approach this. You could opt for dark colored throw rugs and footmats which can hide this to an extent. But nothing beats regular vacuuming.

2. Securing the Kitchen

Includes food and cooking implements/utensils that maybe perfectly harmless to humans but can pose great danger to the four-legged members of the family. A simple one as a small butter knife left unattended is a high risk choking hazard for a dog or a puppy.Please keep all food out of reach of pets – chocolate is considered one of the most popular problem-foods out there for pets. So there, you get a fair idea.

3.Organising Pet stuff

Ensure that all the pet toys, treats, chewies, leashes, collars are all in a specific drawers set which would make it all in one place and easy to find.

4.Pet-proofing the immediate premises

The backyard, frontyard and garage are crucial when it comes to pet-proofing your home, as it is also a popular space for the pets. In the garage, ensure that none of the automotive chemicals – specially grease and anti-freeze cans are lying around unattended. Do the same with tools and sharp objects on the work-table.If you live near a busy traffic-area, ensure that the open spaces are properly fenced and that the pet is safe in the ‘open’ space and secure.

5.Doorways & Walkways

Ensure that there are no electrical power-cords or cables running across the ‘most-used’ pathways inside the home that your curious pet may find a liking to chew on. In the event that you are working in the yard with power cables drawn inside the house, ensure that your pet is in a secure zone with zero access to the area.

The inherent message in all the above – a tidier, organised and clean home is a much more pet-friendly living space than a disorganised one. In the event that you find you could use professional help in cleaning and tidying up your home, give us a call, and one of us would be right by you.

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