Make sure you follow these 3 precautions while celebrating Holi this year


Holi, India’s own Spring Festival is going to be here in another five days ! As the entire nation gears up to celebrate Holi with the traditional pomp, gaiety and enthusiasm. With color being the key ingredient of fun and frolic on Holi day, and celebration with gay abandon when it comes to our festivals being wired into our DNA, here are 3 simple steps to ensure that you stay safe and your premises are clean too, post the celebrations.

1. Using Safe Colors

Please ensure that all the colors that you use for your Holi celebrations are vegetable-dye based – you can ensure it at the point of purchase. In fact, there is an increased awareness amongst manufacturers too with the changing times. Reconfirm from your dealer that the colors are vegetable-dye based and NOT metallic colors.

2. Take your celebration outdoors

Holi is meant to be celebrated outdoors – period. If circumstances restrict your celebration to partially enclosed spaces or for the worst part, inside apartment blocks, there isn’t much you can do from keeping your premises “safe” from the color onslaught. Regardless, if you marble surfaces for your enclosures ( Indian Marble), ensure you tape down plastic sheets over them ( walls, of course – floors would be just impossible ). Also ensuring you mop up large color deposits with paper napkins and washing it off plain water will help keep a rein on stains. Do mop dry at the end. If you find despite all your trouble, the stains are set, you would need help from professional residential cleaning teams like XKare.

3.Taking care of the Bathroom

There is one place in each home that takes the entire brunt of the Holi celebrations, post the celebrations ofcourse – the master bathroom. Most bathrooms, by the time the entire family has finished cleaning up of the festivities, resembles a war zone. The chief “after-effects” of Holi in the bathroom would be staining of your wash basins and other fixtures including your WC. An efficient way to address this would be to have it scrubbed immediately, without leaving it for the weekend.

Then again, if your home resembles a war-zone and you have absolutely no clue from where to begin to put it in order, you have XKare to take care of it. Give us a call and we will be right by you.

Here is wishing you all a safe and happy Holi 2017

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