Quick Tips to Spring clean your Bathroom


Keeping your Bathroom clean, as most of us have realised over the years, is drudgery. For most, with children at home, darting in and out of them – in most cases for no reason at all, splashing water in the sink for the heck of it, in addition to the adults’ activity, the bathroom door knob/handle must be the most-used one in the house, for all you know. The necessity to keep the bathroom clean becomes an ’embarrassing truth’ when you have unexpected guests at home, with any one of them looking to use it. It isn’t that difficult as we think it is to keep the bathroom clean and smelling fresh at home, if we keep an eye out for the easy basic aspects that will eventually take care of the rest.

Here are 3 quick & great tips to springclean your bathroom, and keep it fresh

Bathroom Doorknob & Handles: Arguably, the most “heavily-used” knob/handle in every home, by virtue of its high usage, turns out to be dirty, sticky and grimy by the end of the day. A quick wipe-down ensures it clean and sparkling for all users.

The Bathroom Dustbin: This is one of the most powerful trash magnets in the house, and you don’t even realise it. Twice a week is optimal but please ensure the trash bin is clean weekly.

Bathroom Linen : Hygiene and aesthetics – fresh bathroom linen accomplishes both in one swift stroke. Facetowels/handtowels streaked with facial make-up is plain ugly, if you ask us.

The above, although make the general situation better, by no means categorically keeps the space clean and hygienic, considering all surfaces, strating with the bathroom floor and side-walls. They need their regualr amount of cleaning.

But when the stains are stubborn, the water sink has stubborn water stains, the fittings look dull and grey, and there is a general shabbiness you just can’t to scrub away, you need the experts to do the job. Call us and we will be there, right by you.

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