Wall care | Taking care of the walls of your home during monsoon


There is no denying the fact that monsoon is a primary causative when it comes to damaging of one’s dwelling, the first-affected being the walls of the house, which is why wall care becomes a crucial factor of home maintenance.

With concrete being the most commonly used material in building and porosity its inherent nature, it is only natural that water seepage occurs into walls, and gets accumulated within the layers. These pockets of moisture, over time, result in the damp patches on the walls that we are so familiar with, which, if left unchecked, will lead to the wall peeling or ‘blistering’.

Caring for Exterior Walls

With the relentless nature of the monsoon which enables abundant moisture through the season, it is highly advisable that the repair and the painting of the walls be done with the advent of summer itself, so that the walls have enough time to cure and ‘set’, and are ready for the monsoon.

Caring for Interior Walls

For the interiors of your house, ensure that there is cross-ventilation in your home. This will keep humidity levels in check and get rid of that feeling of dampness. One of the most important factors to be kept in mind to protect the walls from peeling, is choosing the right kind of exterior paint. It prevents the rain water and moisture from entering the concrete structure. So, the next time you are planning to get your walls painted before the monsoons, opt for specialised paints and a specialised team that are modified with silicon and which have high water repellency. You will be able to enjoy the downpour without worries then.

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