Caring for your Wooden Furniture during the Rainy Season

Monsoon inordinately brings dampness to our immediate habitat, be it our home or office space or anywhere else, and the retention of moisture is the number one foe of wooden furniture. Taking care of wooden furniture during monsoon is in fact that could be a part of our day’s activities, ensuring that our furniture stays good and shining through the rainy season.

Here are a few Monsoon Care Tips:

Keeping it away from the Walls: Moisture easily gets trapped on wall surfaces, and depending on the condition/fitness of the walls would retain more resulting in seepage. Wood, in itself being a ‘moisture-magnet’, the constant physical contact with a wet/damp surface can be damaging to the part.

Ensuring a cool, dry atmosphere: With dampness being the ‘flavor’ of the season, air-conditioners do a great job of upping the dry quotient of the rooms and keeping the humidity away, which greatly protect the wooden furniture around the room/house.

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